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Much of Province Group’s success is attributed to its significant financial strength. The company has substantial internal capital and, as a result, does not need to rely on equity partners or other third parties for decisions and approvals.

The firm has capital resources in place and can respond to opportunities quickly and intelligently without the need to seek approval from a “home office” or third party equity or debt provider.

In addition to Province Group’s internal capital, the company also attributes its success in part to the relationships that it enjoys with its various financial institutions and partners alike.

For some projects in the past, project equity investment financing has been facilitated by public companies such as Wells Fargo Bank (NYSE), Lennar Corporation (NYSE), and Kennedy-Wilson International (NASDAQ), along with pension funds such as CalPERS and private investment banking firms.

Project debt financing has been accommodated by lenders such as Wells Fargo Bank, Nationwide Life Insurance Company, US Bancorp, Washington Mutual, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Downey Savings, Imperial Bank, and others.