Located in Azusa, California, Parkside is a neo-traditional neighborhood that was constructed on an 11-acre reclaimed M-1 industrial site surrounded by modest 50-year-old tract homes. The property was rezoned and subdivided into 82 small lot single family detached homes with a density of 7.5 units per acre.

By applying a traditional grid street pattern and avoiding unfriendly perimeter walls, the new project embraces the surrounding neighborhood. Because all of the perimeter lots front existing streets, the new project is integrated well with the existing neighborhood. The plan incorporates narrower paved streets with curb separated sidewalks creating a traditional landscape parkway that lines each side of the street.

These two-story homes were designed in three architectural styles, all of which incorporate front porches, attached garages, and some rear yard detached garages. Targeted at entry-level first time buyers with young families, ParksideĀ offered homes from 1,400 square feet up to 2,200 square feet.